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Spain’s government approves offshore wind farm plan for small designated sections

SPAIN'S government has given the green light to launch offshore wind farms after approving the first-ever Maritime Space Management Plan(POEM). The POEM is about mapping...

Spain strikes deal with Portugal and France in Alicante for green hydrogen pipeline

THE leaders of Spain, Portugal, and France have agreed on a €2.5 billion plan for a green hydrogen pipeline that should become operational by...

Smart Photovoltaic Systems: Gas and climate crisis trigger photovoltaic-system boom in Spain

EVERYONE seems to be talking about the climate crisis at the moment. There were devastating forest fires during the summer, practically all over Europe,...

Territorial war threatens Spain’s bid to become the Saudi of Europe in renewable energy

Industrialisation of the countryside will see up to 40% of some regions covered in solar panels as Spain bids to become the ‘Saudi of Europe’

Spain signs big green energy deal including new electric car battery factory

Spain has signed a major agreement with Chinese green energy company Envision Group to set up four projects. They include an electric car battery plant,...

MAPPED: New research highlights extreme danger wind turbines pose to migratory birds in Spain

SCIENTISTS have tracked the migratory routes of hundreds of birds to highlight the areas in Europe and North Africa where they are at most...

Cemetery in Spain’s Malaga to install solar panels to save on energy bills

AUTHORITIES in charge of the San Gabriel cemetery in Malaga on Spain’s Costa del Sol have come up with a way to save on...

Endesa power company to invest €31 billion until 2030 on green energy in Spain and Portugal

ENDESA has announced a €31 billion investment in 'green' energy production in Spain and Portugal through to 2030. The news comes as Endesa and other...

Solar farm plan launched in Spain’s Alicante area to supply electricity for 70,000 homes

PLANS have been unveiled for a €62 million solar farm in Alicante Province which would produce power for up to 70,000 households. Valencian energy business...

WORLD EARTH DAY: Bladeless wind turbine dubbed Skybrator could be future of green energy in Spain

A pioneering turbine design by Spanish inventors promises to reinvent how we harness wind power without the need for giant windmills and blades that...

‘Z cars’: Spain’s National Police expand fleet of greener hybrid patrol cars

SPAIN’S National Police have added 300 environmentally-friendly ‘Z cars’ to its fleet of vehicles. The plug-in hybrids will be rolled out along with the installation...

Iberdrola triples its commitment to renewable energy in Andalucia with €1.5bn investment

By Laurence Crumbie IBERDROLA´S chairman, Ignacio Sanchez Galan, has announced that the energy company will increase its renewable facilities in Andalucia to 3,000 megawatts over...

Spain’s Malaga to build 21 NEW wind turbines costing €79 million

Each turbine has 4.2 Megawatts (MW) of power, with 88.2 MW for the total plant

Spanish Island is one step closer to becoming world’s first fully green country

A SPANISH island just powered itself with renewable energy for 18 days straight. El Hierro, which started its green energy project in 2014, aims to...

High hopes for 2020 closure of Mallorca’s most polluting power station

ALCUDIA'S Murterar centre, the most polluting power station in Mallorca, is up for debate in Madrid, with local governments hoping for its closure. The coal...

Andalucian firms lead green revolution in Americas

Forward-thinking businesses in Malaga, Sevilla and Granada are among those developing the renewable energy sector in countries including Mexico, Panama and Chile




Emergency works sanctioned to clean the water in Malaga’s Viñuela reservoir as levels drop below 10% and drought continues

THE Viñuela reservoir is set to undergo emergency works aimed at improving water quality that Malagueños drink.  The drastic measure is a response to the...


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