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Knife-wielding gang members who threatened the family of a local policemen in Mallorca arrested 

TWO members of a gypsy clan who pulled out a knife and made threats to the wife of a local police officer have been...

PP claimed majority of votes and seats in most Baleares municipalities on May 28 elections

THERE has been a blue surge in the Balearic local elections. The conservative Partido Popular (PP) was the clear winner with it claiming the majority...

High-school students suffering from food poisoning after ‘Bring homemade cake to class’ day goes wrong in Mallorca 

A DOZEN of high-school students are suffering from food poisoning after bringing homemade cakes to their class in Inca (Mallorca).   Emergency services were alerted this...

2 bedroom Flat for sale in Inca – € 250,000

Inca, Majorca   2 beds   2 baths € 250,000 This modern renovated flat is located in the heart of the old town of...

British couple die from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by gas heater in Spain’s Mallorca

A British couple have died from carbon monoxide poisoning in Selva, Mallorca. It's believed they passed away on Saturday with the fatal leak coming from...

4 bedroom Flat for sale in Inca – € 243,000

FlatInca, Majorca   4 beds   2 baths € 243,000 Excellent renovated apartment located in Gran Vía Colon, a central area with a lot...

3 bedroom Flat for sale in Inca – € 153,000

FlatInca, Majorca   3 beds   1 baths € 153,000 This flat is at Carrer Salut, 07300, Inca, Illes Balears, on floor 1. It...

British woman suffers brain damage and skull fractures after 25-metre cliff plunge in Mallorca on New Year’s Day

A BRITISH woman has suffered brain damage and skull fractures after falling 25m from a Mallorca cliff at around 3:00am on New Year's Day. The...

Cleaning Mallorca from top to bottom, Expat owned Xtreme Clean brightens up the island

WHILE Mallorca is a beautiful island full of sun and sand, those same luxuries, along with everyday life, can dirty and damage your fabrics...

CHEEKY MACCY D’S: British tourist gets her buns out after heavy night in Spain hotspot

The video went viral after the party goer bared all after a big night out

Potatoes brought peace to Spain

POTATOES brought back to Europe by the Spanish reduced civil conflict for almost 200 years. Researchers from the National Bureau of Economic Research found that...

30-stone woman dies in Mallorca after 12-hour attempt to remove her from home

She was too large to be taken down the stairs on a stretcher or out of the windows




What to do in Valencia this October

The summer heat has retreated, leaving behind a refreshing cool breeze and plenty of autumn sun. Coming up - a special month for the...


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