18 Sep, 2023 @ 14:15
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Knife-wielding gang members who threatened the family of a local policemen in Mallorca arrested 

TWO members of a gypsy clan who pulled out a knife and made threats to the wife of a local police officer have been arrested in Spain’s Mallorca. 

Guardia Civil have confirmed to the Olive Press that they have detained the two assailants, who were later released on bail. 

It all started when the victim and her husband, a well-known local police agent, were at their house in the city of Inca when they spotted a number of youngsters kicking rearview mirrors of the vehicles parked in their street. 

One of the affected cars belonged to the officer, who decided to go with his wife to a Guardia Civil station to file a complaint. 

Once there, the couple received a call from one of their young daughters, who had stayed at home, saying that there were between 10 and 15 people screaming and banging the property’s door, according to Ultima Hora. 

“Mom! Mom! There are 10 or 15 members of a gypsy clan at the door. They want to come in, we’re scared,” the little girl said before hiding inside a closet. 

An off-duty Policia Nacional agent confronted the assailants in a heroic intervention.

A number of Guardia Civil and Local Police patrols quickly drove to the house, but the gang had already left. 

However, when the girls’ mom went to her car, two fuming big men stormed off a black Opel Zafira and walked towards her.

One of them ripped his shirt, pulled out a blade and asked her “are you the wife of the local police officer who filed a complaint against my son? I am going to kill you! I am going to kill you!”

Thankfully, an off-duty Policia Nacional agent who was walking his dog saw the situation and jumped on the attacker and struggled with him. 

During the fight between the agent and the criminal, a woman who lived next to the scene opened her house door and told the terrified woman to come in. 

Then, a number of Guardia Civil officers arrived at the locus and managed to arrest the two assailants. 

“We can confirm the events and also say that we arrested them and seized the blade,” a Guardia Civil spokesman told the Olive Press. 

The two members of the clan have now been released on bail and a judge imposed a restraining order that prevents them from approaching the victim. 

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