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Aula del Mar in Spain’s Malaga celebrates 33 years of Marine conservation

THE Aula del Mar de Málaga cooperative celebrates over three decades of working to care for Malaga's marine environment. Malaga’s marine biology education centre was...

IN PICS: Loggerhead turtle lays 130 eggs in sands of Costa Blanca beach in Spain

GUARDIA Civil officers cordoned off part of a Guardamar del Segura beach on Tuesday morning after hearing about a loggerhead turtle laying its eggs...

IN PICS: Amazing rescue of humpback whale trapped in illegal fishing net off coast of Spain’s Mallorca

DIVERS have saved a humpback whale that was entangled in an illegal fishing net off Mallorca. Driftnets are banned by the United Nations because of...

Jellyfish population surge on southern Spanish beaches as rising sea pollution kills predators

MALAGA'S beaches could soon be inundated with record numbers of jellyfish, marine experts have warned. Climate change, water conditions, the urbanisation of the Mediterranean coast...

VIDEO: Watch the release of giant sunfish tangled in tuna fishing nets off Spain’s Ceuta

A gigantic sunfish was caught up in tuna fishing nets off the coast of Ceuta, one of Spain’s enclaves in north Africa. The fish, known...

LA PALMA VOLCANO: Animals suffer and change behaviour as eruptions continue

WILDLIFE on the island of La Palma is facing a crisis as its volcano continues to erupt. Manuel Nogales from the The Spanish National Research...

Marine life now threatened as ash from wildfire on Spain’s Costa del Sol pollutes the sea

ASH from a wildfire raging in the Sierra Bermeja is polluting the sea along the Costa del Sol posing a threat to marine life,...

Yachts banned from stretch of coast in southern Spain after recent spate of killer whale attacks

SPAIN has once again ordered small vessels to avoid sailing in a stretch of coast that is being terrorised by a rogue pod of...

WORLD EARTH DAY: Meet the schoolgirl cleaning up Spain’s Costa del Sol one piece of plastic at a time

THE Costa del Sol has its very own Greta Thunberg. To mark World Earth Day on April 22, Fiona Govan catches up with a...

‘Widespread’ increase in ocean plastic on Costa del Sol with ‘strikingly’ high microplastic levels in Malaga

THE Costa del Sol has seen a ‘widespread’ increase of plastic on its beaches and in the sea, with Malaga one of the worst...

Gibraltar BANS BALLOONS in desperate bid to save wildlife

The ban comes after authorities cancelled the territory’s annual National Day celebration in which 30,000 red and white helium balloons are released




New train in Spain: High-speed link between Madrid and Asturias launches TODAY after 13-year delay and €4bn investment

A NEW €4bn high speed train has been launched between Madrid and Asturias after a 13-year delay.  Some 19 years after construction first began, the...


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