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Paying homage to Spain’s ultimate Mo Bro

Dali styled it on the moustache of Velazquez, one of the artists he most admired ... and went on growing it. At its max it measured 25 centimetres and reached up to his eyebrows.

Tourism concern as visitor numbers plummet in Catalunya’s museums

THE Catalan crisis has thrown up questions about some of Spain’s leading museums and art collections. Barcelona’s Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, has seen visitor...

Salvador Dali NOT the father of Spanish woman who had his body dug up for DNA test

A DNA test has proven once and for all that Salvador Dali is not the father of 61-year-old Spaniard Maria Martinez. A Spanish court had...

Salvador Dali’s body to be exhumed after Spanish woman files paternity claim

Woman claims her mother had an affair with world-famous artist

Salvador Dali art lecture on the Costa del Sol

Lecture will focus on dreams and halluciations

Salvador Dali facing paternity suit, 26 years after his death

As Spain’s former King Juan Carlos slips out of his paternity suit, another Spanish icon is facing his own dressing down

First ever surrealist Dali painting dates to before he was born

The bizarre surrealist inscribed the painting with a fake date

New Dali exhibition comes to Madrid

Major retrospective of Salvador Dali launches in the capital

Surreal deal

Row breaks out over the use of artist Dali’s name on million euro sculptures

Dali comes to Malaga

An exibition of the surrealist artist's work is on until May 16 at the Picasso foundation




‘FORGET THE TIP’ as waiter steals €840,000 from Costa Blanca restaurant in Spain to pay for luxury home, clothes,...

A waiter at a Denia restaurant stole €840,000 from the eatery's till over four years to fund a life of luxury. He bought a €180,000...