Thursday, June 4, 2020
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Successful failure for Spain tourist scheme

Duff tourist scheme set to be expanded across Spain

Freak Spanish rainfall now costs UK groceries

Record rainfall has not only proved costly for Andalucia

Burst boiler room

Seven charged over alleged boiler room scam in Spain

Spain authorities seize British baby

Social services swoop on child after couple flee UK

Putting siesta culture to bed

UK high street coming under attack from Spanish brands... with one even selling English tea!


Storm erupts over the pay of Spain’s air traffic controllers

Expat exodus

Hard-hitting survey confirms exit fears

Does it costa bit more in Spain?

For most people, living in Spain certainly trumps life back in the UK, but is it still as cheap as we once thought it was? Andrew Pearce and Asha Stuttard whipped out their calculators, pencils and notepads to shed further light on the price-playing field.

Bin Laden comes to Spain

Terrorist chief's pacifist son seeks asylum

Spain’s Kyoto harakiri

As the Copenhagen Summit looms, Spain is EU’s worst offender for emission cuts

‘Aristocrat’ arrested after trickery

Spaniard allegedly conned women out of thousands of euros

Home truths shame Spain

Just when you thought UK politicians were the world’s greediest, author Daniel Montero has revealed the excesses enjoyed by Spain's ruling elite

Wind record blown away

Spain's turbines set new record for electricity generated

Scalpel tourists

Expats accused of abusing Spanish health service

Expats blamed for “scalpel tourism”

Officials blame second-home Britons for taking advantage of the Spanish health service