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Motorcyclist has leg amputated after drugged-up motorist crashes into him on Costa Blanca road in Spain

A 63-year-old motorcyclist had to have a leg amputated after a drugged-up driver collided with him in Mutxamel, Alicante Province. The crash happened on July...

Kamikaze motorist drives 12 kilometres down wrong side of Murcia motorway in Spain

A drunk driver caused mayhem on a Murcia region motorway after travelling for 12 kilometres on the wrong carriageway. The 72-year-old man was lucky not...
Speeding Young British Driver Totals Luxury Hire Car And Almost Kills Pedestrians In Spain's Andalucia

WATCH: Speeding young British driver totals luxury hire car and almost kills pedestrians in Spain’s Andalucia

A British man, 21, has been arrested in Sevilla after leading police in a 180 kilometres per hour chase around city streets on Sunday. A...

Costa Blanca motorists spooked by seriously-drunk driver on wrong side of the road in Spain

A drunk motorist caused chaos on a Costa Blanca road on Sunday after driving for over two kilometres in the wrong direction. The woman, 52,...

British motorist pumped full of booze and drugs drives down wrong side of Costa Blanca motorway in Spain

A British woman drove on the wrong side of the AP-7 motorway on the northern Costa Blanca after consuming excess alcohol and taking drugs. The...

Five dead in horrific motorway carnage caused by car on wrong carriageway in Valencia area of Spain

A car driven in the wrong direction on a Valencia area motorway caused a four vehicle pile-up on Sunday which left five people dead...

Elderly German woman identified as driving 35 kilometres on wrong side of AP-7 motorway in Costa Blanca area of...

THE Guardia Civil have found the motorist who travelled for 35 kilometres on the wrong carriageway of the AP-7 motorway on Sunday. A 75-year-old German...




Four teenagers who ‘threw rocks on cars travelling on the A-7 motorway in Spain’s Marbella’ are quizzed by police

A GROUP of teenagers caused chaos in Marbella on Monday morning by throwing rocks from an overpass at cars driving along the motorway. The gang,...


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