Freak expat death

LAST UPDATED: 14 Nov, 2010 @ 00:19
Freak expat death

A BRITISH woman has bled to death after a freak accident in a Nerja bar.

Mother-of-one, Sally Feelly, 42, tripped and fell and fell onto a glass table, cutting open her armpit in the Balcon de Europa.

Despite friends and bar staff rushing to the hairdressers’ aid, they were unable to stop the heavy bleeding.

She was already unconscious when the ambulance arrived, and died from heart failure caused by the loss of blood on the way to hospital.

A waiter was shocked by the amount of blood Feelly lost. He added: “It is incredible that a simple fall could end a life.”

Feelly – who had a 14-year-old son – had lived in Urbanisation Punta Lara in Nerja for several years.

“It is incredible that a simple fall could end a life.”

One of her friends said: “We can’t believe something like this has happened. She was a young person, healthy and full of life.

“She was not drunk or tipsy when she fell to the ground.

“How is it possible that such a silly accident can have such devastating consequences? It’s absolutely horrific.”


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