What a quacker

LAST UPDATED: 2 Nov, 2009 @ 18:58
What a quacker

AFTER the Olive Press revealed that a reader wanted to rehouse her pet ducklings, a happy household has now been found!

Katie Kluska, 28, pleaded in a letter last issue to help find a new home for Carmen and Julio.

While they have now safely settled into a new home close to Los Romanes, in the Axarquia, saying goodbye to the five-month-old ducklings proved more heartbreaking than Katie had anticipated.

“It was a very hard decision to let them go,” explained Katie, from Poland. “I miss them, miss their quacking. But I couldn’t keep them any longer.”

“I miss them, miss their quacking. But I couldn’t keep them any longer.”

“I used to take them for walks down to the river in Riogordo in the hope that they would splash out and seek independence, but they just wouldn’t leave my side.

“Local people got used to it and would always stop to ask how they are.”

However, Katie, who along with her partner Ian used to run the Lemon Tree restaurant in Riogordo, has been cheered by the prospect of their new home providing them with the five-star duck treatment.

“Their new owner Terry, promised to make a pond for them. Carmen just loves water!” she added.


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