Viva Las Vegas in Spain

LAST UPDATED: 31 Dec, 2011 @ 01:39
Viva Las Vegas in Spain

PLANS are underway for a 15 billion euro Las Vegas style strip and holiday homes on the Costa del Sol.

Las Vegas Sands, the US casino resort operator, is scouring the area, as well as Valencia and Barcelona, to locate the best location for a European venture.

The massive gaming and hotels playground would create up to 20,000 hotel rooms and create over 100,000 jobs.

Chairman Sheldon Adelson said the project, which would cost 15 billion euros, but would need big concessions on planning permission to help the project happen.

“I want to do a mini Las Vegas Strip in Europe and call it Euro Vegas,” he said.

The move could be a vital pick-me-up for the Spanish economy.


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  1. Gambling brings nothing good to an area, just more crime, prostitution and corruption.

    “big concessions on planning permission”

    No problem, brown envelopes to the rescue. Any UN biospheres? No problem, just more brown envelopes please.

    Lovely place, Vegas.