Picasso’s lovers and mistresses

LAST UPDATED: 6 Jul, 2011 @ 08:22
Picasso’s lovers and mistresses

HE was notorious for his string of lovers and his capacity for amour.

Now three portraits of Picasso’s various mistresses have sold for a combined 47 million euros.

One, a portrait of French photographer Dora Maar, surpassed its pre-sale estimate, selling for 20 million euros.

Painted in 1939 shortly after the outbreak of the Second World War, Femme assise, robe bleue attracted 12 bidders before falling to Greek collector Dimitri Mavrommatis.

A portrait of a sleeping Marie-Thérèse Walter, who preceded Dora Maar as Picasso’s mistress, was sold to a London art dealer for 15.1 million euros.?

Meanwhile, Buste de Françoise, a portrait of Françoise Gilot, the mistress who succeeded Dora Maar and then dumped Picasso, went for 12?million euros.

Picasso, who was born in Malaga, spent much of his working life living abroad, due to his political views.


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