Armless Spanish driver takes driving test steering with his feet

LAST UPDATED: 18 Jul, 2011 @ 08:16
Armless Spanish driver takes driving test steering with his feet

By Wendy Williams

AN armless Spanish man is hoping to become the first European to pass his driving test using only his feet.

David Rivas, 33, from Madrid was born without a right arm, and only a very small, weak left arm but this has not stopped him from wanting to learn to drive.

Using a specially adapted vehicle driven with a lever instead of a steering wheel, Rivas has been attending a driving school for the last month for an average of nearly 10 hours a day.

Unfortunately he failed his first attempt after making a mistake at a junction. But he intends to try again this week.

According to Rivas he never thought he would be able to drive, until he discovered a driving school in Basauri which uses a vehicle allowing him to steer the car with an extra lever controlled by his left foot.

“I’ve always been mad about cars, ever since I was small,” he said.


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  1. I thought this sounded dangerous, but on reading the article I realised that David Rivas is not only ‘armless, but probably a better driver than most of us out there. Hope he passes this time. Good luck to him.

  2. A true story of not letting the world get you down just because you’ve been given something to overcome!


    (although it makes me wonder why when I have 2 arms and 2 legs I cant pass my driving test…)

  3. I just remembered Bernard Manning’s blind airline pilot joke.
    The interviewer asks him how he knows when to take off as he tears down the runway. He answers: When the passengers start shouting ‘****ing ‘ell”.

  4. He surely deserves lots of credit for his initiative. But the “first Spaniard to drive with his FEET? – I’ve seen many Spanish drivers who look like they’re driving with their FEET… and