Spain’s most feared family of crime

LAST UPDATED: 25 Aug, 2011 @ 08:54
Spain’s most feared family of crime

A SPANISH Papal family notorious for incest, murder and rape is the subject of a new TV series.

The Borgias – starring Jeremy Irons as Pope Alexander VI – charts the bloody rule of one of the most feared regimes in history.

Originating in Valencia, the family was headed by the orgy-loving Rodrigo Borgia, who ruled as Pope from 1492 until his death in 1503, after bribing cardinals to vote for him.

The ruthless leader was infamous for his cruelty and violence, and was known to have tortured and mutilated friars, bishops and cardinals who criticised him.

Other members of the brutal family included Borgia’s son Cesare, who was made a cardinal by his father and was suspected of murdering his own brother.

While Borgia’s daughter Lucrezia was his most trusted regent, and was regularly left in charge while her father and brother were away from Rome.

The Borgias, set in Italy in 1492, is currently being shown on Sky Atlantic.


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