Calls for changes on new cigarette laws

LAST UPDATED: 4 Mar, 2013 @ 23:37
Calls for changes on new cigarette laws

A NEW Spanish law, passed on January 1 this year, which limits the number of cigarettes people can bring out of Gibraltar, is being challenged.

The law is designed to crackdown on tobacco trafficking and states that residents of La Linea and the Campo de Gibraltar area are only able to bring 80 cigarettes out of the country every calendar month.

However, if you are living in another part of the Costa del Sol or Spain you can bring out 200.

The ASCTEG union, that represents workers in Gibraltar, is now challenging the law, claiming the rules are unconstitutional and discriminatory against locals.

The union have called on the Andalucía ombudsman, Jose Chamizo to take up the issue and take action.



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