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Husband of Marbella wedding planner quizzed for fraud

sue and howard danker e

THE husband of a Marbella wedding planner who vanished with thousands of euros in deposits has been arrested in Ireland.

Howard Danker, married to Sue Danker of Spanish Dream Weddings, has been arrested in Dublin after a fraud probe by garda officers.

It is believed detectives began investigating Danker’s property assets after he and his wife fled Marbella in September last year.

It can also be revealed that Danker is the brother-in-law of Ireland’s Justice Minister Alan Shatter.

The Olive Press first reported on the couple in issue 146 after Sue Danker allegedly left several couples high and dry on on the day of their wedding, pocketing funds for suppliers.

Last month, 31-year-old groom Keith Comerford told the Olive Press he is still owed money by Danker and called for more victims to come forward.

“The Department of Public Prosecution said that they’re not legally allowed to contact people, but if enough people report her and there is a strong enough case they might send an investigator out to Spain,” said the Dubliner.


  1. I sincerely hope this couple get what’s coming to them. It is disgusting what they have done to people, ruining what is supposed to be the happiest time of their lives. I sincereley hope the pair of them pay for this. They are the scum of the earth.

  2. I could not agree with you more Jackie. Absolutely vile human beings. They shattered so many couples dreams with their web of lies and deceit. It’s their poor children I feel sorry for having both parents as criminals. I have no doubt they will get what’s coming to them very soon but in the mean time, I am very happy to see their names are being dragged through the muck in both Spain and Ireland.

  3. I had the misfortune to hire these two as wedding planners – thankfully I sacked them before they bled me totally dry. The only interest they had was lining their own pockets, no care for anyone or anything else, let alone the fact that a wedding should be one of the most special days of your life. I was lucky to find an excellent planner as a replacement, I feel sorry for those who weren’t so lucky.

  4. Suezanne and Howard are just another business that went under as a result of the economic downturn. They did a brilliant job on our Wedding in Marbella. I feel sorry for the people who lost any money but not as sorry for the people who can’t see the human element to this and who are writing these terrible comments on websites etc.

  5. Economic downturn or not Joe, continuing to take money from people, literally days before a wedding when knowing full well their business had gone under, does not deserve pity. Nor does chasing couples for money when the suppliers and hotels had not even requested it – yet leading couples to believe they had, constitutes as honest business practice. I highly doubt if you were one of the couples who had lost thousands as a result of the Dankers would you be so sympathetic. What they have done is theft and they need to pay for it like every other commom crimimal.

  6. Myself and fiance were taken for a ride by these gangsters.they gladly took our hard earned cash and booked nothing!joe economic downturn is that waht you call it?these are crooks they took our money 6 months later we found out nothing had been booked our wedding was nearly cancelled.we had to get deposits back up to book everything again.we lost a sum of money,this was ment to be our happiest times of our lives.when trying to contact these gangsters they had fled spain.so where is all the cash???karma is a bitch im sure she will catch up with them soon,they will have no luck

  7. Myself and my wife are another couple who got scammed by these people and anything that is said about them is fully deserved. Its easy say they are great when your wedding all went like planned but imagine when your wife to be had turned up at the hotel where you are getting married in to use the room to get herself ready for the biggest day of her life and the hotel tells her we cant have our wedding because they have not been paid,thats just the start of your nightmare. Only for some amazing staff at the hotel and the musican who all still played away and gave us a great day we would never have had our wedding and most done this knowing they may never get paid,they were amazing and i hope someday they get what they are owed, what i had already paid for and i hope sue and Howard also get what they deserve

  8. We gave Sue a deposit for Marinas De Nerja and a booking fee for her ‘Wedding Planner Services’ totaling €950. The hotel received no money and we heard nothing from the lovely Sue Danker. We contacted the Hotel directly and are having our wedding on 13th of June (the date we wanted). Eva the Hotels event manager was amazing, arranging everything we needed. We were lucky compared to some of her victims. €950 is still €950.

  9. I saw them a few years ago on the rte ‘great escapes’ programe.
    He came across with zero personality,
    It’s obvious there bank account couldn’t keep up with their lifestyle,and other people who were living in reality paid for it!

  10. We used this company for our own wedding back in 2010, thankfully the wedding went ahead but not without problems. Mostly to do with suppliers that we requested not been booked, and suppliers recommended by them been merely average (ie. wedding photographer). It’s a shame to see a couple’s special day destroyed by such selfishness & lack of respect by these horrible human beings, plus the knock-on effect it has on family members and friends who made the effort to travel abroad. From our own experience with them, my wife & I always felt that Howard was the door mat running around after that crass, insensitive ex-wife of his. We often felt embarrassed in their company by the way she spoke to him. Sadly, they were chasing a dream & lifestyle they could never afford and stooped so low as to rip off people’s hard earnings that were to be invested in a special occasion. Perhaps they were influenced by the many gangsters and thieves who take up residence in that part of the world. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

  11. She’s on TV this week (clubland) – new hair colour & changed her name apparently but it’s definitely her! He got done for some driving offence – no less then he deserves. Did anyone ever manage to get any money back off those scum bags??

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