Doñana’s UNESCO status in danger

LAST UPDATED: 5 Jul, 2013 @ 14:06
Doñana’s UNESCO status in danger

SPAIN has been given until February to sort out the water problems around Doñana National Park.

The country has been told the park will lose its UNESCO status unless it stops strawberry growers from illegally draining water, as well as polluting the area.

It has been given until February next year to send a report confirming that the issue has been resolved.

The Junta had originally been told to deal with the problem by January this year, but failed to implement any sort of plan.

Doñana, between Sevilla, Cadiz and Huelva provinces, is one of Spain’s most important reserves and famous for its thousands of migratory birds and the last reserve of the rare Spanish lynx, which numbers around 300 left in the world.


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