Gareth Bale comes to Real Madrid

LAST UPDATED: 2 Sep, 2013 @ 14:55
Gareth Bale comes to Real Madrid

GARETH Bale has finally ended months of speculation by joining Real Madrid.

Flying into the capital this morning, the Welshman was getting a few medical tests done before signing his contract – for a record breaking fee of £85.3 million.

Bale is not known for his lavish tastes, the father-of-one is unlikely to be found falling out of a Spanish nightclub.

Instead, the 24-year-old winger prefers to ‘enjoy a meal with his family’ – although he will probably have to use some of the funds to fly back and enjoy his favourite restaurant ‘Nando’s’.

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  1. He seems like a well grounded young man and good luck to him but €350,000 per week is obscene – do an honest job of work which is nec. for society to function and get paid peanuts.

  2. It’s impossible to argue in favour of these absurd rewards for pointless skills. But, there ARE huge amounts of money swilling around such events. So, if the guy who kicks/bats/ runs with the ball, doesn’t get the money, who does? The directors? Shareholders? T.V. execs? Advertising companies?
    There’s really only the tax man, using efficient, even draconian powers, who can restore any balance. We can but dream…