Tolls take their toll

LAST UPDATED: 24 Oct, 2013 @ 13:24
Tolls take their toll

LOWER tolls have driven the A-46, which connects Puerto de Las Pedrizas and the new western ring road in Malaga, to profitability.

The road, which runs through Peurto de Las Pedrizas down to Malaga, was built to divert traffic from the freeway. It shortens the journey to the Costa del Sol by around 8km.

The AP-7, however, has seen a drop in traffic volumes due in large part to the high cost of using the road. Traffic on the Malaga-Guardiaro route has fallen 3 percent over the past 12 months as budget-conscious drivers opt for the A7.

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  1. Lower margins on higher volumes leads to profitability? Might lead to economic revolution as most spanish retailers I’ve encountered would rather sell one unit at 500% profit than 500 units at 2% profit. Selling lots leads to lots of work but just sell one and you’ve plenty of time to sit around all day moaning about the economy.

  2. The A-46 is mostly empty whenever I use it. How it has entered “profitability” is questionable, like 99% of the statistics that come out of Spain lol.