Cancer Sucks Spain

LAST UPDATED: 8 Nov, 2013 @ 23:05
Cancer Sucks Spain

EXPERIENCING cancer has brought together English and Spanish people from Carvajal – allowing them to offer each other mutual support and advice.

The support group – Cancer Sucks Spain – is open to anyone who has been affected by cancer and has grown from a Facebook group, set up only months ago, to become a platform for its 100 members, which it says, “feel the benefit from having a group where they are able to chat, vent, scream or offer advice.”

The group has now linked up with a Spanish organization, the AECC, which has offered the group use of its venue, as well as its support services, which include yoga, massage and professional medical advice.

There are meetings every second Friday, with the next one planned for 25 November at Paseo Maritimo, no. 136, Carvajal, the end of Fuengirola.

As well as on Facebook, the group can also be contacted on 662446388.


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