Chimney fire guts Andalucia’s most exclusive hotel

LAST UPDATED: 22 Jan, 2014 @ 23:41
Chimney fire guts Andalucia’s most exclusive hotel

ANDALUCIA’S most exclusive hotel, The Lodge, has gone up in flames.

Horrified onlookers watched as fire ripped through the 500-euro a night luxury resort earlier this morning.

Granada fire fighters have been battling the blaze for a couple of hours, but there is no sign of let up.

Thirty two clients and 20 staff were evacuated, and there are no reported casualties.

Although nothing has been confirmed, it is thought that a chimney fire was the source of the blaze.

The Lodge, designed by London interior designer Andrew Martin, was originally earmarked for the King, and boasts Spain’s only outdoor skiing resort swimming pool, and a Turkish bath, sauna, gym and jacuzzi in the basement.

It was opened in 2012 by the people behind the Marbella Club Hotel.

Olive Press reader Philippa Kings said: “The fire took hold really fast, and spread quickly. It’s a real tragedy, and the whole village now smells of smoke.”

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  1. I’d have been happy sleeping in the gym there it was that nice… And there was plenty of room to roll out a sleeping bag in the hotel Hummer.
    I’m sure they’ll bounce back… Big pity though just as season gets going

  2. A chimney fire in a two year old place. Hmmm. A lot of soot build-up very quickly? With 500 Euro per night its hard to finance a sweep??

  3. It’s not only soot that causes chimney fires. Burning green, unseasoned wood can cause a build-up of resin which glows fiercely once it catches.

  4. Good point Stefanjo, but who is responsible for depositing green (pine?) or unseasoned wood for the clients to use in the fireplace… or did they bring the wood WITH them? Surely the Insurance will investigate