Join protest against Repsol drilling on the Costa del Sol

LAST UPDATED: 20 Jun, 2014 @ 18:52
Join protest against Repsol drilling on the Costa del Sol

PROTESTERS will gather in Fuengirola next weekend to raise their voices against the hunt for oil and gas on the coast.

Spanish oil company Repsol is due to start prospecting off the coast of Mijas in February 2015, but the plans – approved by the Spanish government in 2004 – have been met with outrage.

As part of the exploration, a semi-submersible platform will be located just eight kilometres off the beach by the Faro de Calaburras lighthouse in Mijas Costa, 12km southwest of Fuengirola.

To join the protest, meet on Saturday June 28 at 12pm, on Fuengirola’s paseo maritimo, next to the chiringuito Las Caracolas.

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  1. This is the reason why i need to go and pick up an Olive Press each week,as i was not aware of the protest until I read it after the event.