Online translators could run a risk for property buyers

LAST UPDATED: 26 Jun, 2014 @ 17:41
Online translators could run a risk for property buyers

FOREIGN property buyers are increasingly running into problems by using online translation sites to translate contracts.

In a bid to cut costs they are using sites like Google Translate to put the Spanish contracts into English.

However, they are putting themselves at ‘great risk’ by not using professional translators, claims property expert Simon Conn.

“Some people might think they can save money by using a free translation service,” said Conn.  “But misunderstandings in the contracts could end up costing people a lot more.”

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  1. One often pays dearly when going cheap. The eventual costs end up being a whole lot more than doing it right the first time!

  2. First test of a translation websites is to translate some English to Spanish and then translate that back to English. This tends to produce some amusing results. However those websites do a reasonable job of non-technical/legal items. I prefer “” as recommended to me by a Spanish administrator