Gibraltar leads the pack in online gambling

LAST UPDATED: 23 Jul, 2014 @ 23:29
Gibraltar leads the pack in online gambling

A EUROPEAN Commission report on the protection of online gambling users and the prevention of underage gambling has been welcomed by Gibraltar’s Government.

Minister for Gaming, Albert Isola MP said: “These principles reflect the existing regulations in Gibraltar for ensuring online gaming services are safe and reliable. For nearly two decades Gibraltar has helped set the standards for online gaming and we will continue to do so. It is pleasing to see among the Recommendations so much of what we already do, and that Gibraltar’s own proposal for national self-exclusion registers has been adopted by the Commission.”

Gibraltar licenses only 30 online gambling operators, all with established reputations in the industry.

Commenting on the EU report Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner Phill Brear said:

“Gibraltar licence holders are the ‘top drawer’ of the remote gambling industry and much of what is recommended is already firmly in place here.”


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