Brits arrested after Malaga bullring turned into marijuana farm

LAST UPDATED: 4 Sep, 2014 @ 07:11
Brits arrested after Malaga bullring turned into marijuana farm

THREE Britons and three Spaniards have been arrested in Almogia, Malaga, after police raided their marijuana plantation…hidden in the town’s bullring.

When claims that the ring was being used for ‘livestock breeding’ raised a few eyebrows, the Tax Office and and the Guardia Civil sought out its real purpose.

Flying over the ring, a customs helicopter found the top covered in plastic awnings, effectively converting the stadium into a giant greenhouse.

Officers found 562 plants drying at the illicit nursery, although it was estimated the plaza could have held 10,000 plants in total.

Upon arresting the growers, police were led to the headquarters, a large greenhouse in Casares where 526 further plants and 63 kilos of marijuana were ready to be sold.

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  1. I guess “live stock brreding” can now be spelled HOO HAH!! Do we have enough GC’s to investigate WHAT is grown under the thousands of plastic covered green houses east of

    • I agree … it’s says it all really … Brits growing a plant of peace in a place that Spanish torture Bulls! Who’s wrong?? What’s happened to the world where growing and smoking a plant that creates a peaceful world is illegal and torturing and killing animals is legal! Look at yourselves law-makers!