Antonio Banderas speaks out about ageing women

Antonio Banderas makes his feelings clear on the pressure society puts on women

LAST UPDATED: 28 Mar, 2015 @ 17:04

THE Spanish film star has said that Hollywood is not responsible for the pressures put on women to combat aging.

Banderas and Kimpel
Banderas and Kimpel

The 54-year-old blames society, not Hollywood, for the obsession it has with women looking young, but admits that men have it easier than women in Hollywood.

He said: “There’s a social convention that allows men to grow older and not be so criticized and pushed about beauty, and for women it’s different.”

Banderas, who is originally from Malaga, has previously spoken out against plastic surgery, saying he finds grey hair and wrinkles ‘interesting’.

Having called time on his 18-year marriage with Melanie Griffith, 57, last summer, he is now dating 34-year-old Nicole Kimpel.

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  1. Probably a calculated sleer against his ex. He is getting to be a rent a gob. Earlier this week he was telling all the media he is going to study fashion design in London. Desperation comes to mind.

  2. Either date a smaller woman or start wearing built up heels the number of hobbit sized Hollywood actors staring at us from the red carpet seems to be fashionable these days.