Hunt for gold-fingered spray-painter on in Rincon de la Victoria

Mayor Francisco Salado has called on the town's citizens to 'out' the sprayer

LAST UPDATED: 27 Mar, 2015 @ 10:29

SPRAYED: Golden bench
SPRAYED: Golden bench

A MANHUNT for a gold-fingered spray-painter is underway in Rincon de la Victoria.   

Over the past week, public benches and bins have been illegally jazzed up by an unknown sprayer.

Mayor Francisco Salado has now called on the town’s citizens to locate the perpetrator.

SPRAYED: Golden bin
SPRAYED: Golden bin

There have so far been four reported cases of the golden sprayer: a bench next to the tourism office, a paper-stand in Plaza de la Iglesia, a bin in Plaza de la Constitucion and a swing in the promenade’s park.



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