Vote for Gibraltarian dancer Jonathan Lutwyche dancing in Britain’s Got Talent semi-finals

Jonathan Lutwyche is dancing for the nation tonight for a chance to reach the Britain's Got Talent finals

LAST UPDATED: 1 Jun, 2015 @ 08:17

BGT dancerHE reduced Simon Cowell to silence and Amanda Holden to tears in Britain’s Got Talent, and Gibraltarian dancer Jonathan Lutwyche is only 15.

Tonight, he dances for the nation in the semi-finals of the reality TV show.

And Gibraltarians are uniting in their masses to vote through the Britain’s Got Talent app as telephone voting from abroad is not facilitated.

Nine acts will perform and Lutwyche will be up against glamorous magician Chloe Crawford, opera singer Emma Jones (this year’s answer to Susan Boyle) and a samurai-swinging nine-year-old.

He is set to appear seventh of nine acts.

Download the App from Google Play or The App Store, and allows viewers to share reactions to performances in real time, also available through Facebook or Twitter.

To see Jonathan’s amazing moves and him teaching the Olive Press to dance, click here.

Britain’s Got Talent is showing on ITV at 7.30pm on Friday evening, and two acts will go through to the finals set for this weekend.


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  1. Young Jonathan deserves to win. When he dances in him you can feel the music, feel the story he’s relating. He is brilliant. He makes me feel emotional, and he is only just starting, with the right tutoring h I’m sure he’ll go sky high, so let’s give him a fighting chance. Jonathan you deserve to be no. 1.