Olive Press tracks down Irish tourist’s lost phone

It was tracked down to a supermarket

LAST UPDATED: 15 Jun, 2015 @ 14:51

IMG_1039THE Olive Press office was ringing with joy this morning.

Tom McCormack, an Irish holiday maker on the Costa del Sol, accidentally lost his phone in a Super Sol in Sabinillas.

Fearing that he had been the deliberate target of a pick-pocket by a client or member of staff and having no where else to turn to, Mr McCormack spotted the green sign of the Olive Press office and asked if we could help him track down his phone using GPS tracking technology.

Journalists entered the website for Samsung, who then located the phone and printed out the screenshot for Tom to use as evidence.

A reporter then accompanied Mr McCormack to the shop where the phone had indeed been handed in by a client.

“I’m so grateful, I was really worried but it only took 30 minutes for me to get my phone back after turning up at the office,” said McCormack.

Next time you lose your phone, you know where to go!


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