Gibraltar Airport runway resurfacing to cause cross-border delays

Work due to start on Friday and cause 30 minute queues

LAST UPDATED: 9 Sep, 2015 @ 14:08

Gibraltar RunwayGIBRALTAR commuters are likely to experience rush-hour delays when runway resurfacing work begins on Friday.

Queues of up to 30 minutes are expected, with nearby residents likely to experience some noise.

The airport work will last daily from 10pm until 10am.

The resurfacing, the first at the runway for almost 25 years, will benefit commercial and military flights.


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  1. Will this not also adversely affect flights in and out of Gibraltar Airport. How, if they are resurfacing the runway between 10am and 10pm, will flights be able to land and takeoff at the two prime time of 11am – 12 and 7 – 8pm