UPDATE: Battle wages on between Marbella Michelin-starred restaurant and Christian brotherhood

LAST UPDATED: 6 Nov, 2015 @ 09:47

Rocio-marcos-skinaA MICHELIN-starred restaurant owner continues to wage a bitter war against his ‘noisy’ Christian brotherhood neighbours.

Despite the owner Marcos Grande of Marbella restaurant Skina  complaining officially three months ago about the damage done by Rocio Brotherhood’s raucous celebrations, little has been done.

Aside from Marbella town hall obliging the fraternity to remove their chairs and tables from the street, they continue to congregate noisily to the discontent of local businesses and residents, he claimed in a press conference.

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  1. surely this news item is lacking in details, first of all, are these people really “christian” and what exactly are they doing to offend this restaurant owner, and if the were Muslim or Homosexuals would you be so ready to describe them as such?
    if what is claimed that the “christian brotherhood” is really disturbing the peace then the Question must be asked are they really Christians? or are they just another group claiming to be followers of Jesus Christ who loved people enough to die for them?

    • The article says it’s because of the noise, not because they’re Christian, so the religion is irrelevant, hypothetical case scenarios aren’t relevant either and as the article also said, the restaurant owner and other local businesses did everything possible to try and make them be quiet.