New app launched in Spain to report crimes

AlertCops is now available across Spain

LAST UPDATED: 4 Feb, 2016 @ 15:29

alertcopsREPORTING crimes has been made a great deal easier thanks to an innovative new app

AlertCops is now available across Spain and allows users to inform police about a crime or security incident straight from their smartphone, whether they are victims or witnesses.

It has been specifically targeted at foreign residents and tourists as it can also be used in English.

It is hoped to improve response times as well as guarantee access to emergency services for people with speech and hearing disabilities.

AlertCops can be downloaded from Google Play and the Apple store.

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  1. Most useless app of the year award, surely.

    “specifically targeted at foreign residents”

    Why, do they need the police and emergency services more then? No logic… think of an idea, build an app!