Researchers say drinking wine everyday IS good for you

Drinking wine at dinner gives a ‘more positive’ outlook on life

LAST UPDATED: 25 May, 2016 @ 12:48

beer wine (1)GUILTY about a glass of tinto while enjoying the early summer sun… well, don’t be!

Researchers have found that a little tipple IS in fact good for you.

A recent study showed that those who have up to a third of a bottle of wine every day have fewer illnesses and a ‘more positive’ outlook on life.

The study, carried out at the University of Helsinki, Finland, also found that those who drink wine with food enjoy greater health benefits than those who drink away from the dinner table.

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  1. Alcohol is known to cause 7 types of cancer. This study was obviously funded by the wine industry in another effort to sell alcohol as a health product. This happened with tobacco in years past. If a person wants the stated benefits of wine without the added cancer risk, they can eat grapes or drink grape juice – or eat blueberries, dark chocolate, cranberries or other foods containing resveratrol. Shame the author of this story can’t be bothered to tell health conscious readers the full story.

  2. Many things cause cancer and you hav’nt mentioned the biggest cause – DNA, it is’nt something you can dodge or duck.

    You also hav’nt explained why the Spanish, Greeks, Italians and Portugeuse are so long lived with wine being a staple part of these people’s diets.

    Smoking, stress and pollution are all carcinogeric, why not mention these?

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