TERROR THREAT: ISIS fanatic calls for attacks in Spain

Nightclubs, planes, cinemas, cafes and bars are listed as suggested targets

LAST UPDATED: 5 Aug, 2016 @ 16:10

isisTOURISTS are being warned of a fresh wave of terror attacks across Spain after an ISIS fanatic called on Muslims to attack busy destinations.

In an article published by ISIS-affiliated media company Al-Wafa, Abu Marya Al-Aseef says fighters should use explosives, machine guns and trucks – similar to the Nice attack – to avenge ‘the crimes committed by Spain against Muslims.’

Nightclubs, planes, cinemas, cafes and bars are listed as suggested targets for jihadi militants.

Al-Aseef also urges people living in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Mauritania, and Libya to kidnap Spaniards and either behead them or exchange them for Muslim prisoners.

He wrote:  “As their governments kill our brothers, so should we [seek] revenge and reprisal.”

The article is titled Spain of Fernando, We Vow to seek revenge, and says Spaniards must pay the price for the country’s military involvement in the Middle East.

Spain has not had a terrorist attack since the Al Qaeda’s Madrid train bombings in 2004, which killed 192.

The country is expected to receive a record number of tourists this year as Germany, France, Egypt and Turkey have been plagued by attacks and political instability.


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