Malaga world padel star Carolina Navarro excited for new season

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LAST UPDATED: 6 Feb, 2017 @ 13:19

Carolina Navarro
Carolina Navarro

A WORLD padel star has her eyes set on a prosperous 2017 season.

And Malaguena Carolina Navarro, who ranks number seven in the world, said she has ‘no plans to retire’ this year.

The 41-year-old four time world champion, who has spent over half her life playing professionally, is full of positivity ahead of her first league games in March.

“I feel physically well and have no plans to retire”, she said.

“It is clear that with age you have to care for yourself more, work harder at training and your diet but I feel well and am looking forward to beginning playing again.

“I enjoy what I do a lot. I have an innate motivation.

“It is true that there are days that it costs you, that it becomes hard to go to train, but I do what I like and I will continue doing it while I can.”


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