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Family of missing expat Amy Fitzpatrick to call for cold case investigation on her birthday

Amy Fitzpatrick
MISSING: Amy Fitzpatrick
MISSING... Amy Fitzpatrick has not been seen since 2008
MISSING… Amy Fitzpatrick has not been seen since 2008

THE family of missing Dublin girl Amy Fitzpatrick will hold a candlelit vigil in a bid to make the Irish government pressure Spanish cops into launching a cold case investigation.

The vigil will take place outside the Dail in Dublin tomorrow, and will mark what would have been Amy’s 25th birthday.

Fitzpatrick went missing from her home in Riviera del Sol, near Fuengirola, in January 2008.

She was walking home from her friend’s house at around 10.10pm, but has not been seen since.

Aunt Christine Kenny said: “What we hope to achieve with the vigil is to keep Amy at the front of everyone’s mind.”

Kenny believes there is cause to ask more questions about Amy’s life in the lead-up to her disappearance.

Audrey Fitzpatrick and Dave Mahon
Audrey Fitzpatrick and Dave Mahon

“I’m not going to get into the specifics but there were too many coincidences, things that just didn’t fit.

“I truly believe this wasn’t a flash-in-the-pan incident. I don’t think it was planned or anything but these things don’t just happen out of nothing.
“You know when you just have that ‘that’s not right’ kind of feeling. I want a set of fresh eyes to have a look at this case. That’s what is needed.”

The original case had several suspects, but lacked the evidence to bring forward charges.

Kenny blames the Guardia Civil for not following up obvious leads, saying that they ‘went off and did their own thing while evidence was being removed’.

Kenny added: “All we want is to bring Amy home. We want her found and we want her home. Her brother Dean was killed by Dave Mahon, her mother’s partner. This whole family has been torn apart by everything that has happened over the last eight or nine years.”
“We need justice for Amy. Dave Mahon only got 10 years for killing Dean. It should have been life.”

Amy’s mum Audrey Fitzpatrick, has stayed by Dave Mahon, 45, even after he killed her son Dean Fitzpatrick – Amy’s brother.


Laurence Dollimore

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  1. all credit to Mrs Kenny for her unfailing attempts to find Amy . My question is simple why were her mother and stepfather treated as victims at the time of the disapearance ? why havnt they been requestioned at length in the light of his Manslaughter conviction over the son (Dean )
    Is it not feasible that the “mother ” could now be questioned properly without the ever present stepfather to see if she will finally explain what happened on that night .

    This family have a grave to visit for Dean they have nothing for Amy and thats just wrong on every level

  2. At one of the first press conferences Audrey and Mahon gave he placed a recording device on the table beside all the mikes. When he asked what it was for he said for their protection that must tell you something about the way he was thinking. Shortly after Amy went missing the Guardia Civil were asked to give Audrey and Mahon a lie detector test but they refused and said that kind of stuff was only for TV. Mahon is currently appealing his sentence everything he does while in prison is about getting that sentence reduced or getting transferred to an open prison.
    The suffering Amy and Dean when through while in the care of those people has yet to be told.
    Audrey Mahon will travel to Spain to visit a a garden in memory of Amy Fitzpatrick but she could not walk across the road to attend the funeral of her dead son Dean who was killed by Dave Mahon. Justice must be as rare in Spain as it is in Ireland the Fitzpatrick know that feeling only to well.

    • leaving aside the rights and wrongs of this case, the Spanish police are correct. So-called lie-detectors are strictly for silly Jeremy Kyle type shows. They simply do not work. They are completely useless.

  3. It begs the question who was telling the truth , Her friends said she was virtually living on the streets or sleeping where she could , her school attendance according to reports was nil,whatever happened here surely the system let her down ?Why wasnt she in education ? Why did various parents of friends not highlight to the authorities if they suspected neglect or abandonment ? What did The Mahons do for a living as the estate agency they purport to own wasnt opened till after Amy went missing ? How did they make their money they claim to have spent on searching for Amy ?
    All in all far to many questions left unanswered and yes the investigation should be reopened .Why didnt anyone get to see the much vaulted TV programme or was it shown in Ireland only ?

  4. The children were taken from Ireland without the permission of their father Christopher.
    Before they were taken Christopher had fought tooth and nail to save them from the neglect.
    Her family used their influence with the local police to prevent Christopher from gaining any real ground in his endeavors to save his children. Keep in mind this is Ireland and a women with a good act can swing favor much more easy than a man. When she arrived in Spain she remove the phone cable to stop her children making contact with their father. Amy is a smart girl after a while she made her way to the local internet cafe and made contact with her dad. The Irish state were informed by a local women how Audrey and Mahon were treating the children but failed to act quick enough. Christopher Fitzpatrick asked the state to help him get his children back to Ireland but he was bombarded with paperwork and that process shockingly slow in-fact part of the reason is still missing. Audrey Mahon threatened legal action if the tv program was shown so the backed down and it was not shown in Ireland and the Fitzpatricks have not seen it. It could hold a clue but without seening the program we will never know. The bigger question is who did she not want the public to see the program after all she claims to want to find Amy?

  5. Thank you Jason for the clarification . I had assumed the TV programme was just shown in Ireland . I am equally surprised to see that Audrey fitzpatrick / Mahon threatened legal action if it was shown as she usually feeds of publicity (and alcohol ) . I do not have any knowledge f the legal situation i Ireland regarding family law so cannot speculate here . My own opinion for what its worth is that both of the children suffered a form of neglect in Spain and no-one lifted a finger to help . The result of that inaction is Amy is missing and Dean is dead …. I have nothing more to add except my heartfelt sympathy for the father and extended family members who tried .

  6. Dave mahon stopped amy flying home with audrey purely because he was jealous of audrey seeing her ex husband Christopher … they lied and told the media is was due to money issues, then in the book claimed they were millionaires and spent all their money searching! When dean died she told another newspaper it was because of dean getting into trouble was the reason they didn’t go to Ireland. Audrey is not clever enough to keep up with all the lies without dave, the Spanish police need to get her in and questioned now. John mccormack seems to be dodgy too, not turning up in court as a witness to deans murder but still in touch with audrey on Facebook! I truly believe amy got home that fateful night and was killed by mahon, audrey forgave him in minutes and helped him cover it up. She had to forgive him for dean otherwise he would have brought her down too.

  7. wow @claireabella – although many have thought it you are the first to say it !! I agree it is time this woman was questioned fully in regard to Amy . My personal view is for some unknown reason she is a “protected person “and that is why this charade has been allowed to continue . My questions stand tho why didnt any of the parents who were housing Amy contact the authorities and at least get her taken into care whilst the home life situation was resolved either way. WHY WERE THE MOTHER AND STEPFATHER TREATED LIKE VICTIMS !!!!

  8. I would also suspect she made it home or close to home before her encounter.
    I think Audrey knows more or is herself involved more but she has already placed her self in the mix so deep with lies it’s hard for her to come clean.
    Research McCormack on the internet it will reveal why he was not used as a witness.
    After Dean came home to Ireland – if he was such a big problem to them in Spain why did they come to live in the same area in Dublin? In all of Ireland Audrey and Mahon moved to the area where Dean and Christopher Fitzpatrick lived.
    I don’t think Audrey and Mahon ever had millions everything they had was rented including the pub in Spain. The only money she had when she left Ireland was from the sale of her children’s home leaving Christopher Fitzpatrick and his children homeless. There were no Millions and there never was i will only believe something different when i see bank statements. The pictures in the local Irish Papers tell another story of those who attended the candlelight vigil at dail eireann. If you look real close you might well be surprised who was there.. i was.

  9. Not surprised at all Jason , decency always shines through at the end ……. I thought it was good to see both sides of the family ( with a notable exception ) present .

    Hope mommie dearest enjoyed her trip to spain recently ……….

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