Marbella plastic surgeons carry out life-changing surgery on disfigured Kenyan patients

Medical staff from the clinic successfully treated 45 patients and carried out surgery on 25.

LAST UPDATED: 2 May, 2017 @ 11:39

HIGH HOPES: Maryam could walk again thanks to surgery by the team

A MARBELLA clinic teamed up with charities to perform surgery on 25 Kenyan patients.

A team of six medical staff from Ocean Clinic Marbella went out to Kenya on a five-day reconstructive surgery camp last month as part of its ongoing mission to ‘give back’.

Head surgeon Dr. Kai Kaye said: “I can change lives in Kenya and have much more impact than I can here in Spain, where nobody lacks basic medical services or care. I call it part of our social responsibility.”

They successfully treated 45 patients in addition to the surgeries carried out.

Kaye said one of the highlights was performing knee surgery on a young girl called Maryam, who thanks to the treatment, hopes to learn to walk again.

Previous missions organised included one in Lamu, Kenya last year, and a trip to Peru in 2013.

This year, the trip was made possible through support by Spanish organisations Anidan, which runs a shelter for orphans and abandoned children, and Foundation Pablo Horstman, which operates a hospital and two preschools.


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