Malaga loses more than 500 police as more than 20,000 cut across the country

LAST UPDATED: 10 Jul, 2017 @ 10:46

MALAGA province has lost 516 police officers as part of a nationwide cut that has resulted in 22,000 fewer agents on the streets.

Both the Policia Nacional and Guardia Civil have seen their numbers cut by thousands.


It comes after a government parliamentary reply to Socialist deputy Antonio Trevín revealed there are 64,487 Policia Nacional agents currently active, 13,651 less than the 78,138 currently on the register.

Meanwhile, the register of Guardia Civil personnel lists 85,263 officers, but there are currently only 76,928 active, a drop of 8,335.

By provinces, Malaga is one of the least affected in terms of the Policia Nacional, losing 516.

Madrid has lost 2,066, Sevilla 1,107, Valencia 932, Barcelona 638 and A Coruña with 531.

In terms of the Guardia Civil, Madrid is also the province most affected, with a deficit of 734 guards, followed by Barcelona (403 less), Gipuzkoa (374) and Balearic (330).



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