Over three quarters of expats oppose Catalan independence ahead of historic vote

A study has revealed that the majority of expats oppose Catalunyan independence and many are considering leaving the region

LAST UPDATED: 19 Dec, 2017 @ 13:25

OVER 75% of expats living in Catalunya are vehemently opposed to the region obtaining independence, according to a survey run by Spanish Property Insight.

Shockingly, 45% of those polled also revealed they were considering leaving Catalunya as a result of uncertainty surrounding the region’s future.

The results of the study come ahead of Catalans heading to the polls on December 21 to elect a new regional parliament.

While Inés Arrimadas’ Ciutadans (Cs) party is predicted to win the most seats, a coalition between pro-independence parties Esquerra (ERC), led by Oriol Junqueras, and Junts per Catalunya, headed by the exiled Carles Puigdemont, are expected to form a government in a real blow for Madrid.

“The independence movement has come to dominate public life in Catalunya, but the identity politics of it leaves many expats cold,” said Mark Stücklin, head of Spanish Property Insight.

“Expats choose to live in Catalunya because of its high quality of life, so they struggle to relate to the historical grievances and nationalist emotions of the independence movement.

“An exodus of expats would be a disaster for Catalunya,” he said.


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