After this weekend’s King’s Day comes Mallorca’s largest gathering

Since the 17 century, the celebrations around Palma's feast day are some of the biggest in Mallorca.

LAST UPDATED: 5 Jan, 2018 @ 09:26

ONE of the biggest festivals in Mallorca, Sant Sebastià, is just around the corner with city’s most iconic party on January 19.

January 19 has Palma lit up with celebrations

The feast day of Palma’s patron saint, Sebastian, is on January 20, with the eve before hosting one of the biggest parties in the capital.

The festivities begin on Kings Day, January 6, with parades and parties that continue the following week alongside BBQ’s and concerts leading up to the feast day.

All of the city’s major squares will be a lively celebration with live music and entertainment on the eve of the big day, and the iconic bonfire blazing in Placa Major.

Two days after the party that covers the city is the traditional ‘Correfoc’, or fire run. A procession of devils and demons take to Palma’s streets, letting off fireworks and breathing fire before coming together for an impressive fireworks displays


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