Friday, 15 December, 2017


Junta head Susana Diaz has revealed controversial plans that would see new mines and quarries open across Andalucia

The property in Aracena has been given new life by Australian interior designer Melanie Denny

The estimated overdue electronic toll fees stand at €80 million for toll roads which have been contested ever since they were set up

You are spoilt for choice with good places to eat in Aracena, discovers Jon Clarke

OLIVE PRESS EXCLUSIVE: Huelva-based man reveals to Olive Press that he fears for his safety after fleeing Portuguese trafficking gang. By Jon Clarke

Aracena counts some of the best quality and most peaceful hotels in southern Spain, reckons Jon Clarke

Unless Spain solves local issues by next February, Doñana could lose its UNESCO status

Archaeologists discover the exact place Columbus set sail for the New World in Huelva

Injected into silicone breasts and surgically implanted into defenceless puppies – the Class A Drugs ‘delivery service’ is becoming increasingly deadly as traffickers seek horrific new ways to smuggle contraband into Europe, using Spain as their back door. But it’s a ‘smug’s game’, reports Tom Powell

Retuerta horses are one of the oldest and rarest breeds in Europe

There are no cinemas, beaches and Chinese takeaways, but it’s ham heaven in the rolling mountain region of Aracena that few have heard of and even less visit, discovers Jon Clarke

The 400-room hotel is set to be demolished for violating environmental protection laws

Latest archaeological breakthrough indicates Andalucia may have once been home to the mythical civilisation

Aracena is the true spiritual home of the world’s best ham, discovers James Bryce

The leaders of a gang that brought Nigerian women to Spain and then forced them into prostitution by threatening them with voodoo curses, have been arrested

Seniors took each other on at Huelva's qualifying tournament of the Senior golf tour of Andalucia

Thirsty, acorn-feeding black pigs produce Spain’s most famous gourmet product which is also good for your health, writes Anne Manson

Junta releases map of the 50,000 victims still awaiting a decent burial from Civil War

Emergency services have been working hard to stem the leak and prevent danger to the public

Final redoubt of world's most famous wild cat the lynx seriously under threat, writes Wendy Williams

Environment Ministry issues licence for area close to park

An elderly British and an elderly Portuguese man have died without anyone noticing on Costa de la Luz

EXCLUSIVE: The horses facing a happy Christmas after escaping from ‘horse killer’ Suzanne Jenkins

It is one of the few surviving Spanish mosques to have stood the test of time

These incredible caves have been open to the public for 100 years

Businessman denounced for forging documents so he could claim €300,000




A 21-year-old man has been arrested in Ibiza for alleged drug trafficking through the postal system. The suspect received a suspicious package that when tested...
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