Tuesday, 25 April, 2017

Belinda Beckett: Mistress of Sizzle

It’s so easy to fall into the elastic waists and trainers scenario in rural Los Barrios (or ‘dress’ flip-flops if you’re going somewhere special)

But there’s worse news for anyone called Dick, Herbert or Wally – you could grow up to become the spitting image of your name

I’ve been trying to get my head around the concept since I first read about it

If you thought Spain held the monopoly on high days and holidays you’d be wrong

There are felines out there earning nine figure salaries for their humans

Everything’s been ‘Halloweenised’ and Guy Fawkes is pumpkin pie

As Spain settles back to normality after the hectic summer season, blame the craziness on Caligula

The Spanish are much more equipped at keeping their cool when it is hot

Because whether the ball’s IN or OUT, at least it’s not lifestyle threatening…

When writers get lost for words – verbally speaking

A magical mystery tour for the halt, the lame and the blind

The land way down under is another world

Belinda mourns the musical icons of her misspent youth

If you thought Valentine’s cards were getting fruity you haven’t been propositioned by a piropo

New Year fitness fads are for ‘losers’ and I don’t mean weight …

So Santa’s job is safe for another year and the jingle of sleigh bells won’t be drowned out by the whir of rotor blades this festive season

Not even the Queen gets a three-month birthday build-up

For Gibraltarians abroad, homesickness goes with the ‘British Territory’, writes Olive Press columnist Belinda Beckett

Men in supermarkets turn Belinda Beckett into a basket case

WhatsApp with all these new ways to communicate?

Spain’s ‘Snake Summer’ is enough to give you a hissy fit, writes Belinda Beckett, aka Mistress of Sizzle

Belinda Beckett aka Mistress of Sizzle guzzles Greek grub in a bus shelter at Gibraltar’s gastro fest

Belinda Beckett, aka Mistress of Sizzle, muses on her contribution to the declining birth rate

Belinda Beckett, aka Mistress of Sizzle, goes behind the scenes at a TV cookery show that was more ‘Faster-chef’ than Masterchef!

If you thought Los Barrios was a one-horse town, you haven’t seen their Romeria, writes Belinda Beckett, Mistress of Sizzle


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