Wednesday, 1 March, 2017

Business & Finance

Homeowners are being warned by consumer associations

Unidesa-Odi is still the country’s only denture manufacturer, and exports to some 52 countries worldwide

The agreement could not be implicated due to Spain's crippling political deadlock

The aim of the works is to semi-pedestrianise the areas between the town and the boulevard

Just four out of every 100 contracts signed in December were long-term and full-time, the UGT has said

The eight include Spain's Amancio Ortega

There has been a significant rise in expat investment

The number of importing nations grew by a third in 2016

The famous wetland, a paradise for birdlife, is currently in danger of losing its UNESCO World Heritage Site status

Spain accounted for 62% of bulk imports in the US last year

Foreign visitors spent €60 billion in the country last year

The closure accounts for 12% of the bank’s network

A look back at one of the most dramatic years in memory

Not one of the eight provincial cities has an approved spending plan

A report said Brits have been driven to the work by a crippling downturn in the Spanish economy

Depending on pollution levels, the decision will be revised daily

WHEN he first arrived on the slopes at the age of ten it took well over an hour to get there from Granada and...

Pensioners are receiving the most intimate care from virtual strangers

Prices have not gone up for a decade

Two British expats have been awarded honours by Her Majesty The Queen in the New Year Honours List 2017 as published today, 30 December

The store was formed in 1870 and has more than 110 branches in the UK

With his restaurants La Bodeguita and La Tinaja and now a shop, Snow Dream, Rafa Vigo is one of the key entrepreneurs on the slopes

Measures were created in part due to the possibility that London’s City may lose its financial passport as a result of Brexit

Parent company Inditex has announced profits for every month of the year so far

Bank of Spain is also concerned about upcomming European elections in France and Germany

Spain now has two months to provide data and information that justifies its actions or lack of


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