Monday, 11 December, 2017

La Cultura

A BRITISH expat is walking 1,300km in her third trip along the Camino de Santiago

Guardia Civil recover 36 Egyptian artefacts valued at €300,000

The myth of Tuesday the 13th haunts Spaniards just as Friday the 13th looms over the rest of us

He kept the priceless 12th century document stashed in his garage for more than a year

And there's certainly no stiff upper lip between the sheets

Conspiracy theories still surround the death of a Polish Prime Minister who lost his life in a freak plane crash on the Rock

But he insists they were a present

Estepona is in for a weekend of fun and festivities with the carnival coming to town

The Malaga-born actor says his hometown is always on his mind

Alhambra number crunch threatens to cut visitor count

Extra special celebrations this year as Spain celebrates ten years of civil partnerships

Lord Nelson’s legacy in Gibraltar lies beyond cemetery walls

Incredibly they took 1.7 million Swiss francs in photocopied bills

A total of 27 faked artworks worth €1.2 million were recovered from raids in Castellon

She claims Picasso left her to grow up in poverty

Pope holds meeting with a transsexual after being denounced by his priest as ‘the devil’s daughter’

With matadors and flamenco dancers as inspiration the fashion retailers new line has a particularly Spanish flavour

“This is a war, us against them, the rich, the greedy: the ones that got us into this mess.”

Fake works by Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro and Henri Matisse were discovered

And his lead actor compares him to Shakespeare

Jared Garland retraces James Michener's steps to the heart of 1960s Costa del Sol to meet the real-life drifters who inspired his seminal novel, set during the sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll era

Kitty Harri, who has also had novels published in more than 20 countries, creates mythical, atmospheric paintings which all tell a story

President Abu Zahar has urged Malays to financially support the project

Clive Finlayson will give a talk in Spain on March 27-29

The museum had over 410,000 visitors come through its doors in 2014

Rosalia de Castro is featured on the search engine's homepage




A DEAD man was found with his head and parts of his shoulders trapped under a vehicle on Ramón Muntaner street in Palma on...
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