Saturday, 16 December, 2017

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Niki Fray and Mark of Cadiar in the Alpujarras will ride the length of Spain and France along the GR7 and E2 routes, which will end with them trotting down the aisle in Brighton

Alpujarras resident Colette Nolan, whose son Zebedee is 10-months-old, desperately needs to raise €100,000 to pay for innovative therapy at the ChemoThermia Oncology Centre in Istanbul

Telemark has been catering for families and adventurers on the snow since 1989, writes Jon Clarke

Two Spanish pads in Europe’s 10 best mountain hideaways

Having lived in Spain for two decades, Leon Cohen offers peace of mind for anyone moving here

The llamas are enjoying their new home

Swap your skis for a wild mountain adventure with experienced Telemark, writes Jon Clarke

Rural school in poor village celebrates after winning big in national lottery

Donald Gray has devoted his life to traditional Andalucia architecture, with Brigitte Bardot and Gerald Brenan big fans. Joe Duggan met the man

British couple Neil and Caroline Riddoch’s Spanish plans quickly became a nightmare, after it turned out they had paid €92,000 to fraudsters for land in a nearby village

The award recognises work that respects the surrounding countryside and traditional Spanish architecture

The farmer, author and former Genesis drummer has announced he is taking a year off from writing

If new government regulations are passed, tariffs will be 27% higher for those generating energy at home

The mother is making a desperate plea to stop her repatriation

The Olive Press looks forward to Chris Stewart's visit to OP headquarters

Popular author and ex-Genesis band member, Chris Stewart, will come to Sabinillas for a book-signing and to officially launch the Olive Press' new office

The ski’s not the limit , just a stone's throw away from this spectacular mountain range are some Granada's most beautiful gems

Most expats are familiar with Chris Stewart’s idyllic adventures, published in four best-selling books. So when he invited The Olive Press to his stunning farm El Valero as part of a new walking holiday, Tom Powell couldn’t wait to dust off his hiking boots

Wendy Williams spends a few days walking from the fabulous mountain hotel Alcazaba in the heart of the Alpujarras

Eloise Horsfield spends the day with herb enthusiast Sue Rodgers, learning which plants combat pongy feet, what the Egyptians used to fight coughs and even making her own body scrub

Galeria del Marco opens in Orgiva, showcasing local and international talent

Surviving Spain at 1,500 metres. A new Olive Press blog on life in Spain's highest village




OVER 17,700 residents in the ORA areas of Palma have until January 31 to renew parking permits. Residents who have had accidents or incidents over...
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