Galicia includes wine and liquor in new anti-drug laws

IT is supposed to cut down on substance abuse in Galicia. But a draft law proposed by the region’s health authority could effectively outlaw wine production.

And this will mean an end to some of Spain’s best white wines, such as those produced using the Albariño grape.

The legislation, which is currently under discussion at the Xunta de Galicia, hopes to reduce drug dependence by placing tough restrictions on the availability of both legal and illegal addictive substances within the northern region.

And included in the list are wine and beer.

Now, the region’s association of wine producers fears they could be put out of business if the measures go ahead.

“If wine is finally included in this legislative text, we will be condemned to disappear because there will be strict measures that will stop the consumption of our products,” said José Manuel Rodríguez, the chief of Galicia’s Ribeira Sacra denominacion de origin (appellation).

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  1. This is absolute insanity!! Does the cultural heritage of Spain and Galicia mean nothing to these self-appointed do-gooders who think they know so much more than anyone else? The delightful, refreshing, aromatic albarino wines from Galicia have made friends around the world, and they want to toss all of this away? It is a sad commentary on how governemt is so eager to tell each of us what we may or may not do. SIGH!

  2. This is more social engineering from the enlightened Euros. The French have also decided to throw the baby our with the bath water when it comes to wine and other substance abuse problems. Unfortunately we are about to elect our own social engineer in the US.

  3. I agree with the fellow above, who argues against going too far with social control. But here in the US the process has for too long gone the other way – let the dollar rule, and the common good be damned. Reasonble compromise and thoughtfulness are central towards finding the answer. Not name calling

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