A MASK-WEARING prankster’s long-running offensive on his university library ended in ignominy when he was caught in the act.

Dressed as the notorious murderer from the Hollywood Scream movies, the mystery student – complete with plastic scythe – terrorised both students and teachers alike.

He would regularly run amok and cause chaos among the corridors and books of Malaga University’s library.

However, his actions finally came back to haunt him when a recent rampage led to police detaining him for breaching the peace.

Unfortunately for the jester, the joke wore thin when he was forced to reveal his long-hidden identity to the authorities and promised to end his hair-raising antics.

Fellow students explained that his masked assaults had become a regular occurrence since last Halloween.

“He enters and runs around the corridors like a madman waving his scythe,” said a 20-year-old student.

“Yes there are many laughs, but quite a number of people were terrified of him.

“He was also very annoying to those who are tying to get their heads down and study.”

Despite divulging all to the police, the mystery student has still managed to keep his identity under wraps from those at the university.

“Some students say they know who he is, but when it comes down to it I don’t think they actually know – it’s a massive secret,” explained one.

“He apparently promised to police to make that his last prank, in particular, because he doesn´t want to disturb everyone’s revision during the exam period.”

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