YOUTHS suspected of having links to terrorist group Eta have been arrested in the Basque country and Navarra.

At least 36 people were detained, accused of being part of Segi, an illegal radical Basque youth group.

More than 700 policemen took part in two simultaneous operations.

They raided more than 92 homes and youth centres seizing materials that could be used to make explosives as well as 6,000 euros in cash in the raids.

Segi was declared illegal in 2007 when a judge decided it had links with Eta.

Police have been monitoring youth activities since the arrest in April this year of suspected Eta leader Ekaitz Sirvent.

Documents seized after his arrest are said to have included plans to enlist a new generation of followers.

The police operations are ongoing, with some suspects thought to have fled across the border into France.

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