TRAIN journeys in Spain are less than half the price of the UK.

A new survey has discovered that you can travel almost three times as far for the same money when using the Spanish rail network.

While in the UK, 12 euros will take you just 23.8 miles, in Spain you can travel a decent 59.1 miles, roughly the distance from Malaga to Gibraltar.

In the survey undertaken by the Sun newspaper, the UK has the worst value trains in Europe.

The best value are in Bulgaria, where you can travel an incredible 391 miles for the same price.

This would take you from Malaga to Barcelona with 60 miles to spare.

Other good value trains can be found in Poland, Latvia and Serbia, where you can go 26.3 miles for just 10 centimes.

French services also work out at good value carrying you 61.6 miles for your tenner – or all the way from London to Cambridge.

The Portuguese trains are also well-priced taking travellers 107.4 miles.

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