THE kiosk owner who trashed a nearby expatriate bar is now facing closure.

Maria del Carmen’s frenzied assaults on Bar Allioli, near Ronda, are set to be stamped out after the town hall confirmed her kiosk will be shut down.

The announcement came after owner Paul Darwent, 54, and family, received death threats from del Carmen’s boyfriend.

The father-of-two – whose bar is in Estacion Jimera de Libar – revealed that Pepe Becera launched a drunken verbal tirade on his family.

Darwent explained: “The boyfriend came over when the four of us were sat outside having a late lunch, clearly off his trolley.

“He started shouting that the next funeral in the village would be for four people, my family.”

Darwent, from Sheffield, has since filed an official police report and now, Mayor Mayte Dominguez Medina confirmed that the kiosk is running on borrowed time.

“If it is not closed this week, it will be shut down next,” explained Medina.

“It is a serious problem and we are doing everything within our power to solve it as soon as possible.”

Last month the Olive Press revealed that del Carmen ran riot in the bar smashing flower pots and throwing seating.

But she insisted that the attack was nothing more than “a silly incident”.

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