THE Picasso Museum has undergone an artistic upgrade.

Some 72 new works have been acquired by the Malaga museum as part of a 2.75m euro spending spree.

Of the new additions, 22 are drawings, 46 are prints and there are also four illustrated books showing the different periods of the Spanish artist’s famed techniques.

Now, the museum’s collection, located in the Buenavista Palace, boasts a total of 233 works.

Museum curator Jose Lebrero explained that the reorganisation would help visitors further appreciate Picasso’s celebrated works.

Lebrero said: “Each spectator can become their own interpreter, and be the author of what they see.”

Open until July 20, visitors can see 117 exhibits documenting the different periods and techniques of the artist’s life.

After this date, the second phase in the museum’s shake-up will begin with 43 works obtained from the Almine and Bernard Ruiz Picasso Foundation introduced.

They are scheduled to be on show from October.

Meanwhile, the most recent exhibition of Czech, Frantisek Kupka, attracted 46,000 visitors, an average of 743 a day. It was described by some as “life changing”.

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